Change "Unique Account Identifier"

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The data which populate the Add Manual Transaction (Extensions/Tiller Money Feeds/Tools/Add Manual Transaction) Account field (fourth field from the top/beginning of the Add Manual Transaction pop-up window) come directly from the Accounts sheet Unique Account Identifier field – is that correct?

I’d like to change the data in one cell of that column so that the drop-down menu in the Add Manual Transaction window’s Account field is intuitive to me. Instead of trying to remember that “NX 783-L2” is the menu’s name for Bank of Myself (for example), I’d like it to just say “Bank of Myself”.

Is there a safe way to make this data change? (I would not change any of the rest of the data for that account.)

Thank you.

I believe you can accomplish what you want by going to the Tiller Console and renaming the account there.

In the Connected Account Summary section, for each account, there is an Edit > Rename option.

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Mark’s right – and remember you’ll also need to change the account name on the Transactions and Balance History sheets:

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