Changing Description to more "generic" term

When Tiller updates my sheet, in the “Description” column I get extraneous information that I don’t need, such as the last few numbers of my debit card and the location of the store. So, if I buy something at two different Home Depot Locations, it shows as two different entities and if I want to find out how much I spent at Home Depot, I would then have to add those two subtotals. Similar problem if my wife buys something at the grocery store and I buy something at the same store. Two different debit cards, so two different descriptions.

How can I eliminate all of that and just end up with “Home Depot”, or “Safeway”?

Here’s an example:
Debit Card #0000 Safeway #2948 Mountain View CA
Debit Card #0000 Safeway #2719 Menlo Park CA

All I want in the Description is “Safeway” so that I can calculate all of my charges for Groceries

Thanks, in advance.

Hi @ferrell.keith,
There are a couple of ways you can solve this.

If you give all these transactions the Category “Groceries”, then you will be able to get a sum of your Grocery charges. There are several sheets that have Category sums.

You could also use an AutoCat rule to rename any transaction containing Safeway as just Safeway.
Here’s some more info on AutoCat:

The feeds from your bank include all the extra text. The feeds don’t allow just the store name. But the above two techniques should help.


Thanks. I just found the “Advanced Rule Builder” in Auto Cat. We’re all good now.

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