Changing my Month on my Monthly Budget Dashboard

Changing my Month on my Monthly Budget Dashboard isn’t working. It was before. But when I try to go back to January or February it doesn’t change.

What am I missing?


I think you just need to run Analyze Budgets History via the add-ons menu > Tiller > Budget > Run Analyze Budgets History

I’m assuming you’re using the budget with rollovers installed via the Tiller add-on

I’ve made this a public topic so others can benefit from the answer and do not field 1:1 support via the community. Thanks!

That was it! Thank you!

I am using the rollover, but I’m not 100% certain it is working yet. Could be user error on my part.

Recommend reviewing this:

Ok, that was super helpful as well. One more question: Is there somewhere were I can fully understand what the “favorable Rollover Adjustment” is. Why or How do I need to redistribute this? Isn’t it already in my rollover for the categories I set?

Hi @benhortonwho,

I’m guessing you’ve read this already? Tiller Budget (via Tiller Add-on) Comprehensive Guide (specifically the section under Setting up A Budget for Envelope or Zero Sum Budgeting > Understanding the Rollover Adjustment)

Typically, redistributing only happens in the first/current month as part of the set up required to make rollovers work.