Charles Schwab Transaction Description

I am new and using the Excel version. I added my Charles Schwab Brokerage accounts and find the descriptions to be lacking vs the descriptions on Schwab website in history or the statements. For example, there is no labeling of Dividend, Interest, Principal, Purchases, Sales, or Reinvestments. Instead, I just see the security involved. This is the same in the detailed description column. Is there any way to get a more detailed description for aid in categorization?

The Google Sheets version has the same issue for Schwab investment account transactions. I use Autocat to infer some category types (e.g. if it’s 0-$200, I categorize as dividend, etc). Sometimes I manually edit the descriptions. I believe this is due to the data in Schwab’s API feed. But if Tiller can improve or influence this, that would definitely be appreciated.

I manually track my investment sales/purchases on a separate sheet, so that I can keep track of more detail (e.g. cost basis, fees, etc) and generate separate reports that I’ve created. Most folks won’t want to go through the trouble, but it does mean I can tolerate less precision in the raw transactions.

Thanks for sharing. I am new to Tiller coming from Money in Excel so this is the first time I have had access to brokerage transactions. I am still deciding how I want to use them. I go to the Schwab site for all of the detailed info so I am not sure if there is a need to track any of this on my sheet. Can you share why you have built your own tools vs the Schwab site?

Honestly, it’s turned into a hobby I really enjoy. If the Schwab site gives you what you need, there’s no need to do any of this. :smiley:

Having access to the raw data (transactions & balance) in Tiller got me started generating custom reports/charts with that data. From there I started wanting to do the same with my investment data, which is spread across multiple financial institutions. I ended up adding some manual sheets into my Tiller doc over time, so that I can combine the Tiller data with that manual data. It’s turned into a financial portal where I track my investments to do things like flag holdings that I should consider buying/selling, browse and query my financial history to find patterns, see the actual dividend yield of particular assets (investment data cross referenced with transactions from Tiller). The beauty of Tiller is that it gives you all of this data in a format you can do other things with. Tiller is not optimized for use cases like investment tracking or crypto tracking, but can be bootstrapped quite nicely.

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Thanks, yes, it is kind of a hobby for me as well. I have created a bunch of customized sheets and tables to track my spending. Now that I am on tiller, I hope to do more with that using notes and tags on top of my categories and subcategories. Separately, I have thought of combining this sheet with my brokerage account to better have an idea of my networth and diversification. It would be nice if I could get holding data. I guess I can do that via CSV at Schwab and do something like you with a hybrid of automated and tiller data. The hard part is maintaining the holdings. I will think about it a bit.