Chase accounts: unexpected site error

I have two Chase login accounts connected to my Tiller feed: 1 for my wife’s Chase card; and 1 for my 3 Chase cards. For the past couple of weeks, the connection with my wife’s login works and that card account updates fine. However, the connection to my login fails with an unexpected site error message. I have removed the accounts and reconnected and tried editing the connection a couple of times.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I did not find any recent posts addressing this topic. Please provide a link to another thread if this addressed elsewhere.

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There’s not an outage currently listed for Chase and the fact that part of your accounts link successfully seems odd so i would reach out to the Tiller support directly at they will be able to help you better for this specific issue.

I have my wife and my own chase accounts linked as well and havent noticed any issues with them lately but they also havent been used lately so there’s no activity to confirm that things are downloading.

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