Chase Connectivity Issues?

Hello, I cannot synch all my transactions with Chase’s account using the Google Sheets account. Is there some troubleshooting I can do?
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Hi Hopefully the issue has resolved itself
you can always check the outage sheet to see if it’s system wide: institutional outages sheet Currently doesn’t look like it though

Also when you say “all” do you mean transactions older than 90 days? if so those won’t sync.

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

I’m getting frustrated with all of the connectivity issues. It seems like I get one account to start syncing and two more stop. I am starting to wonder if I can cancel my dashboard account and still use the spreadsheet. I know I will have to manually load all of my transactions for each account, but I think that is better than changing the account to manual, back to automatic and then removing all of the duplicate transactions.

Your spreadsheet is always yours to keep even if you decide to discontinue paying Tiller.

Account connectivity issues are frustrating, but without knowing what accounts are causing issues for you, it is difficult to get help here in the Community - we are all general users of Tiller like you are. The Support Team as linked by @heather above is the best place to get help for that.

You mention switching the accounts between manual and automatic. You can leave the accounts as automatic, but manually add transactions to those accounts. If you use the Add Manual Transaction and Reconcile Transactions tools, when your accounts connect again, you will easily be able to match the transactions together and clean up your spreadsheet.

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