Chase Investment account not showing up

Hi there,
I recently joined Tiller and imported all my accounts. I have had a issue as described below

  • When I added my Chase account, I saw that it allowed me to import my Chase investment account along with my checking and credit card accounts. However, in google sheets I see that the Chase investment account does not show up. Even in the Tiller toolbar, I dont see the account in there.
    Any suggestions ?

Does it show up at Is it selected for your sheet there (near the top of the page)?

No it does not show up there. The only place it does show up is under Add Account and a separate window opens up to sign into Chase. It is selected there, however it never shows up on Tillers side.

Hi @SunnyPolaris,

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat tool at to get more help on why this account isn’t showing up in your Account Summary on the Cosnole.