Checking "Stash Invest" account (Green Dot bank) not uploading transactions

I use a Stash Invest card for most of my little daily expenses. I can link the account but it only shows my portfolios, not my checking/debit activity. Is there a way to correct that? I tried connecting via USB (Green Dot’s parent bank) but that didn’t work.

P.S. - I may migrate away from Stash to my Simple account but that’s a couple of months off. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Simple has issues as well.

I never got a fix and later abandoned my Simple account.

Good to know! My Simple account has been fine so far, but I haven’t used it much in the last few months. With Stash, my problem is the opposite; it’s reporting my investments/savings but not debit/check transactions.

@csnetto I also use Stash and notice it doesn’t pull in the banking side of things. I’m afraid we would have to manually enter those transactions using the manual entry tool. Time-consuming, but only way I see to get those transactions in Tiller. I’ve been struggling with this now that I use my Stash banking card more frequently.

I think the problem is due to Stash using Green Dot bank, which has usually been a pre-paid card situation versus an actual bank. I get my transactions better from using SoFi Money which is also new in the FinTech banking game, but nothing from Stash/GreenDot.

One thing I DID do to help a little is to use the Tiller Feeds tool to add a manual account and at least keep the overall balance updated so I see it in the Balance sheet. Helps a little until I realize I paid a bill using the Stash card and my budget sheet thinks I didn’t spend anything in that category, haha! Hope it helps a little for ideas.

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