Checks.state argument is missing error - Console Login Issue

For the past week or so I have been unable to login to the console and have been receiving a message “checks.state argument is missing” and the URL is (sheets . tillerhq . com / auth / auth0 / callback) with no spaces. I have logged in on almost a daily basis for many months and have not encountered this issue before. Could I be doing something wrong?

Thanks for reaching out and sharing these details about the issue you’re running into.

For the checks.state argument is missing error, will you try the following?

We’ve found those have been successful for folks who have run into the same issue.

Whether those work or not, we still want to determine the cause and do everything we can to prevent that from happening in the future.

Will you let us know how it goes with the suggestions above?

Heather - thanks for the tips! Incognito mode worked well.

Regarding the browser close/restart - I did close all windows and try again but got the same error. I know there are still background processes running when I close Chrome but I am afraid to stop those processes for fear of losing my tabs (yeah I’m one of those people). Now that I know incognito mode works I will be OK. Maybe when I can commit to closing my tabs I will restart my browser to see if that works also.

Glad to hear incognito worked. One thing you might find helpful for the fear of closing tabs is to group them?

We had another customer report that after clearing his browser cache he was able to resume using his normal instance of Chrome rather than needing to use incognito.