Clean Up on Aisle Accounts

I have a big bunch of old accounts. Most I have used at one time and no longer use. On my accounts tab, I have them ‘hidden’ but they aren’t always actually hidden.

I use @yossiea 's Transaction Tracker all the time and when I drop down “acccounts” I cannot even find the ones I want in the enormous crowd of all of them - hidden and unhidden.

I could possibly tweak the drop down criteria on that sheet but then I’d still have the issue on any sheet that has an accounts drop down.

It seems to me a better solution would be to clean up the accounts. Ideally, I would like them well and truly hidden from everywhere. I could, I guess, rename them to prepend the hidden ones with ‘zzz’ or something and then sort the accounts tab?

I’m fairly sure I don’t want to delete them.

Anyone have any ideas on the best way to deal with this?

One solution would be to archive the Balance History sheet. That sheet feeds the Accounts sheet. If you remove all BH from before X date, that should help, and also speed up your sheet.
My transaction tracker sheet now allows you to exclude one account. It should be fairly easy to make it a range.

Removing Balance History history works for the tracker but screws up the Net Worth tab.

I’m thinking since your drop down is nicely alphabetical, that renaming with zz in front of the dead stuff will be the best solution.

But, now I realize I cannot change the name of an account no longer linked to Tiller. ARUGH! Maybe I’ll just prepend the live accounts with A! What a mess I’ve made.

I did end up putting a number in front of the active accounts and now the Transition Tracker is WAY more easy to use.

But my accounts tab now also has another huge batch to old accounts in it.

I’d really love a way to clean that sucker up. It’s just a bloody mess now. I’d love a way to rename old, no longer linked, accounts.

For the accounts that you no longer need, instead of deleting in BH, you can just rename the account in the BH table. Then, the Accounts table will have that name. This should work even for those accounts that you no longer connect to.

Diing Ding Ding - We have a winner!

Perfect solution. Easy to do, keeps all the data so none of the long range stuff is affected and gives me a nice, clean, list for the Transaction Tracker.

Thank you!!!