Cleaning Up Balance History Tab

I am cleaning up my Balance History tab to try to improve sheet performance. Balance History is where everything starts and many other places pull from here.

Facts - Assume I have a linked checking account that has a $100 balance on every single day of the year. Thus, the Balance History tab has at least 365 rows for this checking account for the year. To keep things simple, assume that every day has just one $100 row in this tab. Lets say I delete 363 rows and leave just 01-01-xx and 12-31-xx.

Questions - Lets say I look at the net worth tabs for my net worth on 05-31-xx, what amount will show for the checking account? $100? 0? Something else? Maybe the account won’t show up at all? I am thinking the program logic says it sees the $100 from 01-01-xx and will assume that is the balance for every day into the future until the Balance History tab shows another value for a date into the future. I am not sure what happens when the system looks for weeks and months. I would like to delete most of these $100 rows in order to clean things up but am unsure how this will impact the rest of my sheet. This is a question for the Tiller folks who really understand the programming. I know I could experiment but would like more of a general understanding before proceeding. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Blake

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Update =

12-19-18 Earliest date in Balance History tab

24,998 Balance History rows before deleting rows
14,245 Balance History rows after deleting rows
10,753 Rows deleted

30 Accounts linked via Feeds before deleting accounts
18 Accounts linked via Feeds after deleting accounts
12 Accounts deleted

95% Rows deleted that had a zero in Balance column
5% Rows deleted that were multiple entries on a given day

Obviously, my performance has increased, but I am looking for more.

About three months ago, Tiller modified their programming so now you will see only one row per day, per account. Upon reviewing my tab, many days contained 2-5 entries per day. Often, there were 2-3 entries within a 1-2 hour time span. Crazy. I will focus in these next.

Tiller should continue their work on this tab. If possible, do it behind the scenes so the user does not need to manage it themselves. Better management of this tab will reduce performance degradation throughout the sheet.



Final Statistics =

24,998 100% Balance History rows before deleting rows
4,536 18% Balance History rows after deleting rows
20,462 82% Rows deleted

This manual clean up project is basically done but I am still looking for comments to the questions in my original post.

Once I recuperate, I suspect this project will result in additional posting from me on this matter.



@Blake - you would only see one row per day per account if the balance does not change that day. If the balance changes and we’re able to refresh and pull the latest data you would see a separate entry on the same day for the new balance.

This depends on what version of the Net Worth Tracker you’re using. I believe the latest version from Tiller Labs will show you $100 from that 01-01 date (it uses last available). Prior versions didn’t do this and you’d see $0 or - in the trends table.

It’s not really “program logic” but “template logic” if you will and is driven by the formulas and queries that are running behind the scenes to make the visualizations possible in the template.