Closed account how to keep history but keep from showing up going forward

for a closed account, how do I get it to show up on my historical data (net worth snapshot, networth tracker) but stop showing up on my current balances. I changed the balance history so that it shows a 0$ balance but I rather it stop showing up on current balance and on networth sheets going forward


@joshmccormackpt, you just need to unlink it from the sheet - so it will no longer pull in data on the Balance History sheet.

Does that help?

Heather, is there a way to tell Tiller to stop trying to update a closed account without removing it? Seems like having unnecessary update failures isn’t useful.

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Well unlinking it is different than removing it, which I interpret as removing it from the Console entirely :slight_smile: Unlinking it just removes the linkage from the sheet for future data, but if it’s a closed account there isn’t likely to be any future data so neither of those really solves this.

In either case it shouldn’t fail to update, it just won’t update.

And my original reply actually wouldn’t stop it from showing on the Balances sheet and Net Worth sheets as I re-read this. To prevent it from showing on those sheets you’d need to hide it, but you’d also be hiding the historical data so I don’t think there is actually a way to do this.

@aronos , are you having an issue with an account? Just curious why you’re asking.

Hi @heather

I misread the original question so my follow-up wasn’t as related as I thought. But here’s what I’m looking at:

I have closed one of my investment accounts and my bank is shutting down, so I’m moving my checking and savings accounts. I want to maintain the history for them in my sheets for budget and net worth tracking/history. I’d also like to maintain the history on Tiller so it will download load if I ever had to start a new sheet fresh. What is the best way to deal with that? If I remove them from the console will it remove the server side history too?