Closed Account: Retain History But Keep from Showing Up Going Forward

Sorry for the late response, @rdy373… you’ve been really patient.

I think you have a few options but probably none offering the full flexibility you’re wanting:

  • Add a new override entry in the Accounts sheet to Hide an account. The intent is that most balanced-based spreadsheets will just ignore any account with this designation.
  • Use the Repair Balance History workflow to roll the account into the new card that replaces it. This approach simplifies your account history— e.g. it’s as if the previous account didn’t exist in name but did exist in terms of balance history (i.e. under the newer account name). I’d want to double check for you, but I think the way to do this would be to 1) filter on the old account name/index, 2) replace the Account ID on all of the old entries with the new/current Account ID, 3) run the Repair Balance History and let the workflow rename all the old entries to the current account.

Hope this helps.