Closed and renamed accounts still in Networth sheet

I recently changed my checking account in the same institution, closing out the old one and transferring the balance to the new account. The old checking account shows up twice in Networth Ungrouped assets but not in Balances.

Also I renamed a savings account on the console. The old name also shows up in Networth Ungrouped Assets, but it is not in Balances.

The console reflects all the changes and is correct. Balances reflects the console.

How can I remove these ‘bogus’ entries from Networth?

Account cleanup is not an area where Tiller shines. Your best bet is to go to the accounts tab and hide (column D) Also make sure the old name is also not listed/checked in Connected Accounts in the Tiller Money Feeds extension side bar.

That should remove it from view.

Thanks Susan. Column D in Accounts is hidden. When I took a quick look at it, it is empty. Is this expected? The replaced account does not exist in the extension account list and the renamed accounts are correct. It is safe to just remove the unwanted accounts from the Accounts tab? I do not want screw things up.

oh crap. I am SOOOOO sorry. I did not catch that you were asking about Excel. I answered about Google Sheets. Please excuse. Hopefully someone who knows the Excel system will have an answer for you soon.

If it were Sheets, and I wanted to delete, I’d first make a back up and then make my deletes and triple check over a couple of days that I didn’t break anything.

I believe this is an issue that i have run into in the past with account renaming. My fix was to update all of the old balance history entries with the new account information

See below for the link on how to do so, now this is again for sheets but I’m guessing that the process would be similar in excel.

Not sure if this tool/ work flow exists for excel either, but it should work if so

Also, a step by step guide of filtering and updating is available but i can’t seem to find it, but if it’s needed let me know and I’ll keep searching

This is the step by step guide that should lead you in the right direction to correcting the stale accounts. It should be similar in excel i believe.

Hi Bentyre1 - Thanks for the reference - just got around to looking into to this. Sadly the Repair Balance History is for Google Sheets and I’m using Excel. I don’t seem to be able to find an Excel equivalent.