Combined Yearly Expenses and Income from Categories Sheet

What is the best way to get the combined yearly amount from both all of my Expenses and Incomes from my Categories sheet?

I would ideally like it so that I would have one cell reporting the Expenses, and another Reporting the Income. I am going to create my own sheet, to find my Income vs Expenses ratio. I know I can use the Yearly Budget, but that is dependent on the Year and Month selected, and I just want to find the data regardless of what I have selected for the Budget Year View.

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The new Spending Trends sheet has this data: New Spending Trends Dashboard for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is what I am looking for.
It seems like the data provided by Spending Trends only accounts for amount that have already happened, I am looking for Income and Expenses for the entire year.

You want past AND future income and expenses? So projections plus history? Are you looking to get the future from maybe your budget work?

Yes, past and future for ONLY the current year.

hmmmm you got me stumped. I’m sure there’s a way to combine the two but I don’t really do the budget thing so i can’t even guess how it would work. Hopefully someone with more future experience will pipe in here. (Shouldn’t be an issue to confine it to current year, tho)