Combining transactions due to partial refund

There’s a lab’s tool to split transactions, is there a way to combine transactions? ie say you make a purchase and then make a partial return, is there a way to combine that with the original purchase? Or say you have a credit card promotion, where if you buy $x from a store you’ll get $y back, is there a way to combine the charge and credit for a net effect?

If you buy two widgets for $100 each, and they get categorized as ‘Household Items’, then you return one of them, the return transaction should be categorized as ‘Household Items’ as well, so now budgets, reports, etc will correctly report that you only spent $100, not $200 on ‘Household Items’. I think the same would be true with the credit card rebate. Categorize the rebate in the same category as the original purchase, not in a special ‘rebates’ category. The same could also be true if in a few months, you turned around and sold one of them. Categorize the income in the ‘Household Items’ category. If you do budgeting, this then puts more back into your ‘Household Items’ budget so you can buy the new updated version of the widget that you’ve always been dreaming of…


I like @jpfieber’s solution! +1

Thanks, that is relatively helpful in the overall macro-view, and from the returns example it works well. It’s just that sometimes if i want to drill down and see what I actually spent on a visit/item that it would be more helpful. Currently, I’m manually doing this in excel where I have the original price on one column and any credits directly to the right so I can immediately see the difference, and infer if it was a sale price, if there was a credit card promotion, return, or offer attached.

You can add columns to the Transactions sheet. As long as you don’t mess with the existing columns (don’t remove any or change their names), you might be able to do something similar to what you were doing in Excel. Give it a try, you can always roll back to a previous version if things don’t work well. And if you get it working share what you’re doing, I’m curious!

Thanks i’ll give that a shot, wonder how this’ll work with the csv imports though. I guess based on how i’m reading in the how to guide i just have to add a header with the data i need and import? well it seems like we can make a copy of our foundation sheet so i guess i’ll do that and give it a shot.

Actually is there a way to add in manual columns to the csv upload? ie the manual column that I had in excel, that shows a returns column to net against purchase, I was thinking of manually adding into the foundation template and csv upload manually; can the csv upload pull in manual columns, ie am i just formatting it wrong, or is there another way to do this?

I’m a little confused at your workflow, @ctlee. You are trying to import from an Excel data source into a Google Sheets spreadsheet using the Import CSV Line Items workflow in the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on.

There isn’t a rule set for custom columns at this time. I’d consider manually building a staging sheet in your spreadsheet that maps from the raw data to your Transactions sheet column order then copying and pasting the data over.