Commenwealth Bank of Australia - Transactions not getting updted

Hey Guys, somehow the Commenwealth Bank of Australia feed doesnt seem to get updated. The last update was done on 10th of April. But none afterwords i tried the update many times but not able to? Have we lost the CBA feed somehow?

I have added an American bank Capital One today and the feeds got updated staright away (so nothing wrong with my file i guess) - Currency conversion of AUD / USD is a subtopic for another Thread.

But please check my Commewealth bank of Australia Feed

Thank you and Regards,

Hello! Forgive for cutting and pasting from a reply I did a few days ago for a sync problem, but here it is. You won’t be able to get much help from the community here as only Tiller customer support can help. (they have the tools and the communication line to Yodlee (the aggregator).
Reach out to them from the chat icon in the lower right corner when logged on to the Tiller Money Console.