Community Builder's Workshop: Debt Planner

Watch a replay of the Tiller Community Builder’s Workshop featuring the Debt Planner from @randy


For the loan prioritization, does it only prioritize one loan, or can the additional amount be redistributed between several accounts?

It’s prioritizing one loan based on the chosen payoff method.

Do you recommend Google Sheets or Excel for the tool?

The Debt Planner is only available for Google Sheets.

Are you planning to build an app with similar features to Google Sheets?

We do not have a mobile app on the near term roadmap. Check out mobile friendly solutions here in the community.

Does tiller have any plan to allow a monthly subscription instead of only yearly?

We do not have a monthly plan option on the near term roadmap.

I’m having trouble getting a manually added account into the Debt solutions sheet. Most of them I don’t have any trouble but this one just isn’t working. Any suggestions?

See this topic for discussion on this issue

Where can I find the last Tuesday recording?

You can access Weekly Foundations Webinar resources here

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