Comparing net value of all transactions for an account against actual bank balances

I’m a 25+ year Quicken user and a <1 year CountAbout user who has recently switched to Tiller. One thing that both Quicken and CountAbout do is show you the net value of all the transactions entered and the institution balance for a given account. In theory, they should always match but sometimes a transaction might be missing, a cheque hasn’t cleared…

In Tiller, what I’m currently doing to try to replicate what Quicken and CountAbout do, is look at the running balance I created on the Account Filter sheet and then compare it to the corresponding balance on the Balance sheet. To do this means toggling back and forth between the two sheets.

Ideally, I’d like to be able to look at a sheet like the Balance sheet and see the running balance for each account next to the balance on the Balance sheet. I’d also like to have a column that shows the difference between the two balances. Doing this would highlight out of balances in virtually real time. I realize the Statements sheet allows one to reconcile an account against an actual statement but I prefer knowing I’m in balance day-to-day and not just when the statement arrives. In Quicken and CountAbout, there really isn’t a need to reconcile against a statement as one can see in almost real time whether one is in balance day to day.

Before I start trying to create such a sheet, just wondering if anyone has already done something along these lines. If not, I’ll probably take a stab and see what I come up with and share, ask for help…:slight_smile:

Check out the solutions in Tiller Labs “Statements” and “Statement Details” using that you can apply a statement to past transactions and it gives you a running balance of unreconciled transactions.
There’s also a solution called “Account Projections” but I believe that was user created and I can’t seem to find it now.

Thanks for your comments. Sincerely appreciated.

I am aware of the statements and statement details sheets. They’re are both very good and I do plan to use them. What I’m looking for is something that I can look at at any time without having to wait for a statement. That’s how Quicken and CountAbout work. They show the running balance for your transactions alongside your actual bank balances so you know in almost real time if you’re out of balance.

I’m pretty sure it’s possible to create what I’m looking for but wanted to find out what might already be out there before attempting to do so myself.