Confirmation number

I am trying to figure a way to make this function work. Here is the function. In column G/H a function formula returns either “N/A” or “Enter Confirm #” depending the results from column N. I want to know if there is a way to select the cell with “Enter Confirm #” without clearing (deleting) the function within the cell to enter a confirmation number (data)? How would I do this?

Maybe others have a solution, but I dont believe there is a way to keep a formula in the cell at the same time trying to enter a confirmation number in it. I believe that without resorting to scripting, It is one or the other.

Instead, you could use another cell( or set of cells) to check the value and use conditional formatting to format the cell if it needs a confimation number.

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I think @richl is right, @cavasm43.

Ok. Thank you for the responses. However, if I wanted to write a script, can anyone direct me to a site that can show me how to structure it?

This is a good starting point:

Or you could start with the API here.