Connecting a new account from an institution where I have other linked accounts

I have several Fidelity accounts already feeding into Tiller, and I’d now like to add one more Fidelity account. There are two paths through the Tiller console (either “Add Account” or the “Connection” button next to my Fidelity connection) that log me into Fidelity and bring me to a “Manage Your Data” page, with the instruction to “Select from your list of available accounts to share with Tiller Money powered by Envestnet Yodlee.” So far so good.

My question is whether to select the checkbox for all my accounts - those I already have linked, plus the new one - or just select the checkbox for the new account. If I check only the new account, I’d be concerned that the other accounts would then be unlinked. If I select them all, I’d be concerned that Fidelity would think I wanted to create all new links to the already-linked accounts, and it would send me reams of data that I’ve already downloaded.

I didn’t see this particular question anywhere, although I feel sure it’s been asked and answered before. Thanks very much…

Not entirely sure (and I know I’ve been in a similar situation but can’t recall what I did). Maybe just start by checking only the new account? If you then notice that it has stopped downloading the previously added accounts, then you would know that you need to reenable all of them.

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at

We can take a look to see the accounts and which connections they are associated with to give you a better answer.