Connecting Multiple Accounting Books in Rollup Report


I want to be able to have multiple sets of accounting books (tracking income/expenses separately) and then be able to roll them up into custom reports.

Can I do that with Tiller? Do I have multiple spreadsheets and then a separate spreadsheet with custom reporting between them?

For instance, I have my joint finances with my wife where we track all the things…then I have a separate small business. I want to track Income and expenses for my small business separate from my joint set of spreadsheets. Then, I want to be able to do reports between those sets of books (how much did I spend overall between my business expenses and joint expenses?). I don’t want my small business income to appear in my joint set of sheets.

does that make sense?

:wave:, @Davide!

You can link up to 5 spreadsheets to your Console so you can have one spreadsheet and link only your personal/joint accounts, and a second one for business accounts.

To get at the combined reporting, you would have to either create a 3rd sheet that has everything or use =importrange to pull both into a single Google Sheet. The reporting piece is most complex.

Perhaps @jonorlin has ideas on how to do this reporting piece?

Hi @Davide,
There are several different ways to achieve want you want to do using Tiller.

The following two methods could work.

  1. Using @heather 's comment above, you could make separate Tiller spreadsheets for each of your small businesses and your joint finances. This would make reporting by each separate spreadsheet pretty simple and give you the detailed reporting you want by each of the books (spreadsheets.)

Then you could create a rollup spreadsheet, not managed by Tiller, but importing all the separate spreadsheets. You could use the solutions from this post:

  1. The other way to do it (and I think the better way) is to just have 1 Tiller spreadsheet with all the Transactions. You could use Category Groups to group categories to together within a set a books. Many Tiller reports show Category Group totals. You might be able to use Tags as an alternate.

If you are comfortable using formulas, you could make some copies of the Tiller reporting sheets you like and add a filter to them by a Category Group, so they would only show Joint Accounts, or one of your Businesses.

Does that make sense?