Console update: last refresh shows as time elapsed

Yesterday we pushed a change to the Console at that displays the elapsed time since the last refresh for each institution to make it a little easier to understand how long it’s been since the accounts were refreshed, which is especially helpful if your accounts can refresh automatically.

For example, if I know that I made a purchase more than 11 hours ago, it reasonable to think that the refresh from 11 hours ago picked up that transaction. Otherwise, I may need to manually refresh to see my latest data.

You can hover over the elapsed time to get the exact date and time the refresh occurred.

Screen Shot 2020-06-12 at 1.58.41 PM

What do you think? Helpful or confusing?

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VERY helpful. Thank you!

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This is helpful. In the past time on my sheets were local in some places and UTC/GMT in others.

It would be helpful to make a similar change on the Balances sheet. It clearer to know that an account was updated 12 hours ago rather than it was last updated yesterday.

Did you also change the Time column in the Balance History sheet to display my local time rather than UTC?

It’s helpful, in that it lets me see that some of my accounts haven’t been refreshed in 4-5 days. Any idea why that would be? Also, one of my accounts has a yellow “fix” button instead of a “refresh” button…but it’s been refreshing, because I see new transactions from that account almost every day. When I click on “fix” and put in my credentials, it goes through just fine and updates, but it still has a ‘fix’ button on the account list instead of “refresh” or “recently refreshed”