Console updates: refreshes for new API users overlay Console

Today we pushed some changes for customers on our latest integration with our data provider’s newer API (customers who signed up after ~ mid-Jan 2019) where you’ll now see the refresh/add accounts/edit credentials experience happening in a modal that overlays the Console rather than redirecting you to a separate page in the same window.

You may need to refresh your browser in order to see the changes working successfully.

I personally tested and without refreshing the browser I got an error (like the one below).

After refreshing the Console (browser refresh) it took a moment before clicking refresh did anything.

These changes are in support of making refreshes easier and more seamless.

If you’re not seeing this experience you’re likely still on the older API (customers who signed up before ~mid-Jan 2019). We hope to make this newer, better experience available to all customers in the coming months.

Let us know what you think or if you have other issues that pop up you believe may be due to this change.

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worked fine for me. no issues at all. i did refresh before i tested. (Chrome on chromebook)


I kinda liked having the ability to open the “refresh” window in another tab so that I could refresh multiple accounts at once instead of waiting for each account to finish before starting another. I could just open a few tabs with all accounts that I want to manually update and come back in a few minutes when they’re all done (I have a few accounts that seem to take forever to update).

Now I have to sit through each one :disappointed:

@Darin, thanks for this feedback. Could you open separate tabs for the Console and do multiple at the same time that way? Sorry I haven’t tested that so I’m not sure if it will work or not.

I just tried doing that and I seem to get “Your session has ended, please try again.” for every account I try refreshing while another one is refreshing.

Thanks for the update. I’ve asked our engineers to see if there is a way to have multiple sessions to help with this workflow.

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I did some experimenting and it looks like you can click “refresh” for an institution, wait a few seconds for the refresh to get going (in the background you’ll also see the button for that institution change to refreshing), and then just click outside the modal to close it. The account will continue refreshing in the background. Click “refresh” for another account and kick off the process for that one. Close and repeat. That worked for me for simultaneous refreshes.

Can you let me know if this works?

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Oh yeah! Looks like that works. I just waited for the modal to show “Verifying login information” before clicking off and that seemed to do it. Thanks!

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