Consolidating Credit Card - Nos Change Due to Loss Theft

My Chase card has gone through several number changes due to loss, theft, etc. It has pretty hopelessly left me with nuttiness - this is due to the latter replacement number card transactions don’t track with the account “name” etc.

I think this COULD be handled by a search and replace in the transactions, but since I haven’t been keeping up to date, this would be laborious in the extreme.

I actually think I will begin a new iteration of my Tiller (I’ve retired and my entire financial picture is simpler and likely it is time), but:

**HOW can one fix this when a first substitute card transaction comes in? How would I reset things - when it first happens (and wowzer if I can quickly edit all the transactions in place) so my Chase Sapphire card that was x001 and now is x002 still displays as a Chase Sapphire account transaction?

Hi @Larry - however the card is displaying on the Tiller Console at under Account Summary is what’s going to be pulled into the spreadsheet.

You can rename/nickname the account on the Console if it’s displaying wrong there or perhaps it’s just displaying your old nickname and can’t update?

Does the account # reflect properly on the Console?

Any edits to historical data I recommend making using the filtering features in Google Sheets:

This is a Tiller shortcoming. There should be a way to consolidate - to have Tiller gracefully make Card 2 the same account as Card 1 and either hide (from everywhere*) or delete one of the two accounts.

I have a billizion accounts in my accounts tab because of this. And, yes, you can ‘hide’ them but it does not hide them from account drop downs in other tabs. But I’ve bitched about this before :slight_smile: Clean Up on Aisle Accounts

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