Correct/Refresh Daily Email Update - Excel

My question is how to troubleshoot or refresh daily email updates.
Shortly after joining Tiller Excel, I started to receive two daily email updates with the same time stamp. I had three active files during the transition to create a clean transaction file. I now have two based on different sets of accounts, one update carried a stale credit card balance and without recent transactions. The other update was accurate. This week I have only been receiving one update and it’s the stale one. My Tiller workbook is carrying the correct account balances.
How can I refresh my daily email update to reflect current accounts?

Thank you

Hi @dmelideo, it sounds like you might have started two separate trials perhaps using a different email address or the other login option (Google vs Microsoft) and that’s why you were getting two daily email summaries.

We can pick up the conversation in our support channel regarding this as it’s related to core product vs community solutions.


I did try two different ways to start as the sign in information was confusing. I do use my google account as gmail and other sign-in authorization. I do not use Google Sheets and taht was unclear. I then attempted to sign in and was successful using my Microsoft account as I am an Excel user. Somewhat confusing as I never had a successful Google Sheets account although my gmail account is universal with first attempt to sign in and Microsoft. Thank you, Dan

Just to clarify here

You can use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel no matter which sign in option you initially choose to try Tiller with.

However, there is a known issue where some Windows 10 / 11 users are unable to sign in to Tiller from the Excel add-in using the Google sign in option and need to link a Microsoft login to their Tiller account (still using the same original account that you signed up with using the Google login option) in order to sign in to Tiller and use Excel. We’re working on some changes that will hopefully address this requirement.

That part specifically is really confusing and is why we’re trying to address it.

Otherwise, you’re free to use whichever sign in option you prefer to sign up for Tiller and use both spreadsheet platforms (Google vs Excel).