"Could not find Budget Journal sheet" error when updating Savings Budget

I transitioned over from the Envelope Budget without a hitch! I was entering some savings amount adjustments to make sure my December budget started with the correct amount in each category. When I went to “Update Savings Budget,” I got the “Could not find Budget Journal sheet” error…even though I do that the Budget Journal sheet present. Any thoughts on how to fix?

@batonking did you get this figured out?

If not, @randy is probably the best person to help but you might try renaming the Budget Journal sheet (to keep a backup) then delete the Savings Budget dashboard then re-install using Tiller Labs and copy/paste over the Budget Journal backup sheet’s data to the new one that the Labs add-on installs when you re-install the Savings Budget.

It could be that it’s looking for a specific header too that maybe got deleted in the Budget Journal sheet.


Sometimes you will see an error like that, @batonking, if there is a whitespace character (like a stray space) in the sheet name. Click on the Budget Journal tab, delete the contents and carefully retype the name.

If that fails, I like @heather’s suggestion. No data is stored in the Savings Budget template. I would do the following:

  1. Rename the Budget Journal to Budget Journal Backup
  2. Delete the Savings Budget
  3. Reinstall the Savings Budget
  4. Copy the contents of Budget Journal Backup to Budget Journal

You should be up and running in not time…

That was it, Randy! Not sure how the space got in the name…but getting rid of it took care of the problem. Thanks!