Count of transactions yet to be categorized

This is a small incremental improvement that I though others may also like :slight_smile:

Just a simple formula that you can drop anywhere that will let you know how many transactions exist that have not yet been categorized:

=if(countif(Transactions!D:D,"") > 0, concat(countif(Transactions!D:D,""), " Uncategorized transactions"), "")

I would have liked to put this somewhere on the Transactions sheet but did not find a convenient location without disturbing the existing functionality. So I have this at the top of the Balances Sheet - but you could put it on any sheet that you visit frequently.

I think the “Savings Budget” template includes a counter like this, but you’re right, it might be nice to include in other places, especially if you don’t use “Savings Budget”! It should be mentioned that you might have to change the ‘D’ to a different letter if your “Category” column isn’t ‘D’ (they can be moved around).
Also, when pasting formulas in the forum, be careful for “Smart Quotes”, which are different from normal double-quotes and usually cause problems in formulas. Here’s your formula with normal double-quotes:
=if(countif(Transactions!D:D,"") > 0, concat(countif(Transactions!D:D,""), " Uncategorized transactions"), "")


OMG! I have wanted this for so long! I tried to noodle it myself last year and never got what I wanted exactly which is this. My Balances tab is my go to and now it’s complete.

Thank you so so so much!

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Thanks! works perfectly.

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Thanks for sharing, @shankarimohan7.

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Nice, glad you also find something like this useful… I use a similar notion on my Insights Sheet:

=“→ You have “&countif(Transactions!E:E,””)+countif(Transactions!E:E,FALSE)&" unreviewed transaction(s), and “&countif(Transactions!D:D,”“)&” uncategorized one(s)."

which counts these:

I used a modified version of this formula and placed it on the AutoCat sheet: It does not depend on the Table Column being Column D and counts only the blank categories in the Table column.

=CONCAT(“Uncategorized transactions : “, COUNTIFS(INDEX(Transactions,0,MATCH(“Category”,Transactions[#Headers],0)),””))

This would be for Excel

Looks like this would be for Excel.

This works ok for me in Excel.

=CONCAT(“–> There are “,COUNTBLANK(Transactions[Category]),” uncategorized transaction(s).”)


super helpful! thank you!

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