Create an Invoice Through Tiller and Track Payment?

I am a consultant. I would like to create, send and track invoices to my clients. I don’t see that this is possible through Tiller. If it is possible, please direct me. If it is not possible thought Tiller, would it be possible to create a solution?

Thank you!

Hi @jimbernsbroker. Welcome :wave: !

Tiller doesn’t have any built in invoice creation and tracking features.

There may be some community members that are doing this in their Google Sheets with custom built solutions they may be willing to share.

I know @randy had some type of invoice workflow in a Google Sheet at one point, but I don’t think he ever published it.

For a former consulting business, I tracked my hours in a Tiller spreadsheet. At the end of the month, I summed the hours and manually created an invoice that I stored on my google drive.

I had a separate sheet to log invoices including the amount, invoice number and url to the google drive.

In my Transactions sheet, I added a column where I could link a client payment to an invoice number. Another column would show an icon with a link to the invoice when an invoice number is included.

The invoice tracking sheet also calculated which invoices were outstanding and when others were paid.

Unfortunately, none of this is currently shareable.