Create Simple Bill Due Date Tracker with Paid/Not Paid details

As a tiller sheets user who tracks all their finances in the platform, I would like to be abe to track bill due dates and paid/not paid status of these bills. In this sheet, I would like to be able to track the following details:

  1. ability to link a bill with a category to determine if the bill is paid or not paid.
  2. bill due date tracking that shows if bill is past due or not
  3. Ability to configure if a bill is marked as paid by a single transaction existing in the time frame, or by a set amount being spent. This would be helpful for bills that are paid multiple times in a month.
  4. Bill reporting details on amount budgeted, amount spent, amount remaining to spend.

I was searching online and found some basics templates that I’ve repurposed to be compatible with the Tiller Category list and fit my basics needs. I used the Projected Balance sheet to farm the ability to use the configured Categories sheet as the starting point for choosing the recurring expenses. I also included a version that is standalone that does not rely on the Categories sheet. Someone else may find these useful as well so I’m including my afternoon project below.

Tiller Category Compatible

Recurring Expenses Standalone

I’d love to see something like this fully integrated into the workflow. It’d be nice to assign a category as ‘recurring expense’ to be the automatically featured in this style of sheet. Also, it’d be nice if something like this could use the categroy that chosen in the Recurring Expense column and automatically assign the amounts like the Yearly Budget sheet does.


Hi @xlengthy,
Thanks for sharing your solution here!
I built the original Project Balance sheet and I think it’s great how you took that idea and extended it in a way we never thought of. Hopefully, it helps others here too.

Thanks for the suggestions on how we can improve the workflow.
Would other readers here find this useful?

Thank you for sharing this @xlengthy! I’ve copied this into my main Tiller Feeds sheet and look forward to setting it up.