Creating a new account with no auto-update?

I want to add my wife’s credit card to Tiller, but I only want to ‘refresh’ it at certain intervals, rather than having it auto-update with the rest of my accounts.

I could make this a manual account and enter the transactions by hand, but I’d rather have the transactions flow in without entry, but only at my discretion. I could not figure out how to do this and I don’t see a community post regarding that, so I figured I’d ask here.

Anyhow, is there a way to turn off ‘auto-update’ for an account? Is this a planned enhancement on the roadmap?


I don’t think there’s a specific option for that, but you could de-select it from the spreadsheet’s connected accounts (Tiller Console, Linked Spreadsheets section) and select/de-select it when you want to pull it’s data.

But, leave it in the Connected Account Summary section of the Tiller Console, so that it is always available as a connected account choice for your linked spreadsheets.

Hi @greg.osborn - Although I’m also not aware of that feature and haven’t heard it mentioned for the near future, one solution I could think of would be to send the data for that account to a separate Linked Spreadsheet. Tiller gives each subscription 5 spreadsheets as far as I know. You could then either copy over the transactions manually at the time you deem appropriate on periodic basis, or you could even link the data using IMPORTRANGE into your main sheet. For example, you could create a new sheet in your primary workbook labeled “Transactions-AccountX” with the imported data range. You could also turn it on and off with a checkbox control and/or filter the data based on a date that perhaps limits it to only new transactions since the last time you copied the data in.

The AuotRefresh feature is enabled for the institution by the bank or our data provider. This setting can change over time based on factors like the bank’s security requirements or refresh health of the institution, but is not something we can change. If it has recently been disabled there is a good chance it will get re-enabled in the future.

It’s not something Tiller can control, but you can turn on MFA for that connection. Sometimes enforcing MFA will require you to manually refresh every time.

Thank you, everyone!

I’m going to play around with these ideas and post here with what I decide on.

@greg.osborn Here’s another idea: leave the account connected and have the transactions flow in, but have an AutoCat rule that all transactions from the account in question get categorized as “wife’s transactions” (I’m sure you can find a better name!) but make this a hidden category. That way, you have the transactions there when you want to deal with them but they’re hidden from any reporting until you want to recategorize them into the appropriate category at whatever interval you want.