Creating and using a memo field

Is anyone using a memo-style field with transactions? I often annotate my transactions with what something was for, to make searching and identifying past transactions easier. For example, when I buy a book from Amazon or some other site, I’ll put the book title in the memo field.

I get a prompt when trying to add a column to the transactions tab that I’m modifying something that’s not intended to be modified. I want to reserve the description as a consistent Payee so I can aggregate reports by Payee.

I tried using the comments feature in Sheets, but then it shows unresolved comments as a counter on the tab. Resolving the comment makes it go away, so that doesn’t seem particularly helpful.

I’m wondering if anyone else does something similar, and if so, the best way to go about it.

“Note” is a common column to add, it could be used for something like what you’re looking for. Don’t worry about the prompt, it’s just making sure you’re not accidentally changing things you usually shouldn’t.

Thanks for the info. I was getting the same prompt when adding some conditional formatting (zebra-striping the transactions sheet and red/green coloring the amounts) and was concerned I might be breaking something. Sounds like I’m okay to proceed.