Creating filter - exact same steps yields bizarrely different results

Hello. I hope you’re well and in good spirits.

I created a filter using the date column and the category column. I set the criteria for Date to “between 12/31/2021 and 8/1/2022”. Then I set the Category to “Utility-Gas OR Utility-Electric”.
It worked beautifully!

The bizarreness: I’m creating another filter with the same criteria for Date; for Category I’m prescribing “Groceries OR Dining out”.
It doesn’t work at all!
This time all it does is hide every single row except the last four in the sheet (which are blank ones). Why the different result? The only thing I’m doing differently for this new filter is asking for different categories.
When I created this filter with NO specification for Date (that is, I left that column alone), it did select the rows that were either Groceries or Dining out. So I know that part of the filter does work.
There’s something fishy going on with the Date part of the filter.

What do you think it might be?
Thank you.

:wave: @cogreg

When you tried to create the second filter for groceries or dining out, did you turn the other filter off? SO your Transactions sheet had no filters on at that time?

I’m wondering if it was just building off that first filter and then there was nothing that matched?

I seem to have fixed it; I kept clicking “clear” on the filter-by-values selection and when I stopped clicking “clear”, it worked just like the previous one had. (This borders on alchemy, superstition, magic… No reason I can see that this would change how it works, but who cares?)

Thank you.