Creating New Reports

I have used Tiller Community Solutions: Create Reports. The generated reports do not seem to have hidden columns with code like other Foundation Sheets. Where is documentation on how to create new reports of my own design? This could be in the form of either 1) getting access to the existing reports and how to copy/modify or 2) a description of the technology used, i.e. use of Apps Script or AppSheet or something else. I am an experienced programmer.

Thanks for any guidance.

Good question, @imretir3d. The reports in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on are one-offs, each with unique code hosted in the add-on. They fill report templates that are hidden sheets in your spreadsheet. This approach allows for a tiny bit of customization of the report aesthetics— fonts, headers/footers, conditional formatting, formula-driven report wrappers— but the main report block is essentially hard coded and not extensible (at this time).