Credit card account not appearing when I try to add it

Recently, I got a new credit card through my credit union. I’ve been connected to my savings and checking account with the CU for a while and it’s been working fine. So, I tried to connect to the credit card account. When I try to do so, it doesn’t appear in the list. When I go into the online banking website for the CU, I see that it is an “external” account. I assume that this is why it is not appearing. Do you have any advice for how I might be able to connect it? I’d really rather not have to enter its data manually.

Can you figure out who is administering the credit card for the credit union? Institutions will sometimes outsource things like this to a third party, and I suspect that’s what “external account” means. You can sometimes, but not always, log-in through that third party. If that doesn’t work, Tiller might be able to talk to Yorker about supporting the card.