Credit card due dates idea

Has anyone found a way to automatically pull credit card due dates? Is that something that could be mined from the data feeds? For example, for every credit card account, you could have a sheet that lists the current amount due for the previous billing period and when it is due. It could also been extended to show if you have made a payment and that date. The information could be tied to other sheets in Tiller. I do not know how to do it, but thought it was worthy to suggest to smarter people than myself. :slight_smile:

I do not believe that information is available via our data aggregation service, @bwentwor, but I can envision a custom, manually-filled due date column being an interesting addition to the Accounts sheet with the data pulled into a payment tracker as you suggest.

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I think another way to figure out a due date is to figure out past payment dates and work around those days. It won’t be 100%, but if someone pays around the due date, and as an added calculation, they pay the full amount of monthly transactions, then it might be safe to figure out the due date and then use that for a bill payment reminder.


Does the data aggregation service welcome ideas?

Ha! Not especially. But I guess it can’t hurt to try.

While I am not sure of the exact service or api y’all use, and I am sure it is not on your roadmaps. I am pretty sure Yodlee offers more credit card data than just transactions and balances.

I really like this idea!

The way I hacked this in the past was making a new sheet that pulled in each half of the balances sheet using IMPORTRANGE. I left several columns between the two sides so I could add a custom due date column to the right of the balance. If you add or remove an account the due dates would need to be adjusted. I also had a column for minimum payment for loans and desired monthly contribution for investment accounts.

Eventually I just changed all of my credit card due dates to the first of the month and my husband’s to the 16th so I didn’t have to track them! I use the Savings tracker/goals sheet (not the official name!) now for loans and investments/savings.

Maybe I’m not understanding the use case but have you tried the Bill Payment Tracker Sheet? You have to manually set-up your credit cards and their due dates but I think it does most of the rest of what your asking. It’s probably my second most sheet next to Transactions.

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I would like to be able to have the exact due date automatically pulled from credit card accounts. I don’t want an approximation because dates can and do change.