Credit cards Use

Hi I am thinking about using tiller. Before I do I have a couple questions.
How does tiller handle credit cards as far as posting against your budget and paying them at the end of the month ect?

Transactions on credit cards are just like a regular transactions. Payments are used in transfer form (moving money from one account to another) so as to not affect your categories, budgets, etc.

Credit card debt etc can be pulled up in other sheets on separate pages. They do have a spreadsheet that deals specifically with credit card debt, balance, payoff formulas and predictors, etc

Don,t know if that makes sense.

I highly recommend Tiller. The ONE negative is that you run into frequent long term issues syncing accounts but they are responsive and truly try to fix issues. The customer service is unparalleled.

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Utilizing the transfer category is a big help. When you pay the current balance on a credit card from your checking account, both the negative transaction associated with money leaving your checking account and the positive transaction associated with money entering your credit card account could be categorized as “Credit Card Payments” using the Transfer type.

If you’re working to pay off high balance credit card debt, the Debt snowball template which @Mking mentioned is pretty helpful. You can fined it here. Debt Progress Template Comprehensive Guide