Cryptomator with Tiller?

I’m considering using Tiller but am hesitant to trust Google with my financial data. Does anyone know if Tiller can work with something like Cryptomator to encrypt the financial data coming from Tiller when it is being stored within Google Drive?

No idea about that, but they do have an Excel version (not yet fully featured but developing quickly) that you could store locally, no Google involved…

Yes, but that requires a license to Excel which I don’t have on my personal computer. I was hoping to encrypt it on the web.

That’s an interesting question, @danielwe. Unfortunately, we don’t have an integration like the one with Cryptomator that you propose.

If you’re concerned about privacy with Google, using Tiller on Excel is a great solution, as @jpfieber suggests… though that would require a license.

Also, paid-Google accounts may have greater privacy assurances. That could be worth exploring.

Good luck.