CSV importer tool issue - Account name doesn't import

I’m working on importing older transactions into my Foundation template and followed the instructions for using the Import CSV Line Items > Basic CSV Transactions tool. I formatted the columns/headers according to the “Basic Bank Import Template”. However, after clicking to Upload the final formatted CSV and importing into the spreadsheet, I notice that the Account # is imported into both the Account # and Account columns. Not sure why the Account isn’t importing properly. Seems like there might be an issue with the tool? In any case, is there any problem with manually pasting the Account name into the Account # column to overwrite it with the correct info?

@moneymutt, sorry about that. We’ll look into that and see if we can push a fix quickly.

Until then, there is no harm in manually pasting the account name into the Account column to get the right data in there.


Great catch, @moneymutt. There was indeed an issue with the import rules. I have published a fix. You can try to reimport the file if you haven’t already fixed the problem manually.

Thanks for letting us know! :pray: