CSV importer tool issue: The importer does not recognize the uploaded file. Check that you are uploading a supported file type

Love your tool, thanks for taking the time to create it for everyone!

Problem: I exported data from PayPal carefully following the instructions. When I tried to import it into Tiller, I got this error:
“The importer does not recognize the uploaded file. Check that you are uploading a supported file type.”

Can you share the remapping templates or field names that the CSV importer tools uses for the all of the imports so that if something doesn’t work (eg I’m guessing Paypal may have changed their export format) it’s possible to troubleshoot / figure out what’s wrong/ fix the offending fields?

Just found the thread on this topic. Sorry, don’t know how to merge this post into the thread. Here is the list of fields that I get from Paypal. This is for a US Paypal Business account:
Date Time TimeZone Name Type Status Currency Amount Receipt ID Balance

Also, is it possible to use metadata/transaction identifiers on the basic csv import function if I create my own transaction IDs for each transaction?

If not, this would be a great and easy to implement feature. the functionality of avoiding duplicate transactions is one of the most valuable in your tool. It is pretty easy to create unique transaction IDs even if the financial institution doesn’t provide them. When I do it, I create some kind of a hash from the existing data that the financial institution does provide. Even something as simple for a hash as =date+amount*1000000 works pretty well assuming you don’t have multiple transactions on the same date with the same amount. Combining in more fields would make it work even better. In any case, it’s a lot better than doing it manually when you have to combine multiple input CSV files across multiple accounts.

You’ll find lots of details here, and the csv template is here.

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Sometimes the providers change the data format, @cdcvs. I thought that might be the case… But I just tried the workflow with my own data and it seemed to work fine.

Here are the settings I used on the Paypal site:

Is it possible you’re dealing with a foreign currency or an international version of Paypal?

Or maybe you’re saying that you have a Paypal Business account… which may have different output…? (The importer expects ~20 headers in a personal Paypal export. If your export is only showing the 10 columns you listed you will need to run the manual CSV workflow that @jpfieber recommended.

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Thanks. Yes, I’m using Paypal business. I was able to successfully import data using the manual CSV workflow. Any interest in the feature request I mentioned (dealing with duplicates in manual CSV data)? Not sure how good the TillerHQ duplicates functionality is, but guessing it’d be a bad idea to import a bunch of duplicates.
Thanks again.

FWIW, I have a PayPal Business account and I was able to add it to my feed so transactions are pulled in. It’s not as reliable as my bank feeds, but gets most of the job done.