CSV importer's behavior when Amazon charges are missing

I’ve been using the CSV importer tool for Amazon transactions. I got into an odd situation and wanted to confirm what the tool’s behavior is in this situation:

  1. Some of my account feeds were working, but some were not. As a result, many Amazon transactions were missing.
  2. I used the CSV import tool to upload the CSV of my Amazon purchases – which included many purchases that didn’t have a corresponding transactions, due to the problem in #1 above.
  3. I think the tool still correctly adds the [Amazon Order] and [Amazon Item] line items, so everything still is fine once I fix the feeds problem and the missing Amazon transactions show up.

Is this correct?

@Ghopper21 Yes you are correct.

You need to categorize the existing related charges in your Transactions sheet (i.e. the credit card charges added by Tiller Feeds) with either the category Amazon or Transfer . This step is important to ensuring any new [Amazon Order] rows (added by the add-on) will offset properly with your credit card charges.