CSV Line item import - Amazon question

After using the CSV Line Item Import tool for an Amazon csv file, I no longer see the original Amazon charge in my Transaction sheet. I see the (Amazon order) and (Amazon item) detail lines offsetting each other, but where did the original credit card transaction line go? Should it be there? In the examples from the How To article, the original transaction remains in the Transaction sheet. I categorized to Amazon, as well as used the Filter option to set the new categories for the line items easily, then turned Off the filter through the Data menu. Thanks!

That is strange, @amyi.

The scripts do not remove any data from the sheet. They only insert items and orders… so everything that was in the Transactions sheet when you started should still be there after.

The post-workflow filter can be confusing in this way as it only shows the inserted rows, but once you turn off that filter, you should see everything again.

Can you double check that the data filter is turned off and the sheet row and column bars are no longer green (they turn green when a filter is enabled)?

The filter was definitely off and all transactions were visible, thanks!

But now I see what my problem is!

I didn’t expect that the dates on the Amazon order/line detailed transactions to differ from the corresponding Credit Card transaction date by 2-3 days, so they don’t appear next to each other on the spreadsheet when sorted by timestamp. From the How To examples I was expecting them to have all the same date.

Thanks for the quick response.

It’s not intentional, but I can see how the dates may differ. Obviously the credit-card line item is when the card is run and I’m not sure what the Amazon date is (perhaps the order date?).

For many reasons, the scripts do not look for or try to match to the credit-card line items and no efforts are made to reconcile or align the dates.

Glad you found those credit-card transactions, @amyi.