CSV Line Item Importer Bug for Venmo (plus potential source)

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I’ve been encountering a strange bug over the last few months using the CSV Line Item Importer for Venmo (since I’m still having trouble getting Tiller to auto-sync my Venmo transactions).

The tool sometimes does not import all of the transactions from a CSV. There might be 12 and it would only bring in 8 of them. I’ve had this happen on multiple occasions. I would download a CSV statement from Venmo, perform the required steps to prep it for import, and then upload it to the tool. Upon importing, I would find I was missing a few transactions. I’ve confirmed that all of the transaction IDs were unique as well (amongst themselves and my existing Tiller transactions).

I’ve done some debugging and I think the bug may be related to how the timestamp is getting parsed/interpreted by the tool. In the first link below of my November CSV, the last 4 records weren’t getting imported by the tool. What they had in common was (1) being at the end of the list and (2) having a shorter timestamp (in number of characters). But, if I modify those timestamps to be end of day (2022-11-26 23:59:59), then the tool finally imports them.

  1. Original CSV data — docs [dot] google [dot] com/spreadsheets/d/1D8icwhNOyLOgCSCzcz82q9nidB8ECNJEnwSlBTgap6o/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Modified CSV data — docs [dot] google [dot] com/spreadsheets/d/14rEyEnaBgetbUMriATTE8vvqvsYN_dAKeIcUcLhw7Lk/edit?usp=sharing

(sorry, it’s not letting me share links or screenshots — my first post here so didn’t get a chance to check the post guidelines beforehand :slightly_frowning_face: )

I tried to find the source code online to debug further but seems like it isn’t available. Is this import issue something that could be backlogged to fix?

cc: @randy I think we discussed this when we met at the happy hour in Seattle a while back — just now getting around to sharing some examples!

Hi @brandonpeebles - thanks for letting us know. It is strange that the timestamp issue causes those transactions to be skipped. Thanks for debugging to figure out what it was. The source code for the Tiller Community Solutions add-on is not available publicly for you to create a fix.

I’ll definitely let our dev team know something is off here.

I wonder if you just reformat the column as Date & Time (from the very top/header) before importing if it will work on all the transactions since they’ll all be using the same format?

I can confirm I had this issue this week as I was trying to do my EoY work. It was not obvious to me which timestamps are working and which ones didn’t but I copied a working one down and just make several on the same date. It’s annoying to have to check by hand so would love to see an update here. Glad someone caught this!

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Welcome @connor.fee :wave:

Thanks for sharing an update that you were able to get this working by correcting the timestamps.