Custom Dates not showing all transactions?

So just got this and the first thing i need does not work - custom dates wont update when you change them. is this a limitation on the site or something with tiller? can tiller read the sites and grab the data going back a few years or is it constrained - for example on venmo you can only view 90 days at a time - does tiller over ride that?

Can you clarify what you mean by custom dates not showing?

As for history, Tiller typically pulls about 3 months on sign up but the extent depends on the integration between the specific institution and our aggregator, Yodlee. There is no way to “override” this. If you want more history, I’d recommend pulling CSVs from the bank directly and manually pulling the transactions into your Transactions sheet.

I see the 3 months. but if i alter the custom dates i see no more data - it does not go back any further. how do you get the custom date ranges to take effect? For example on the insights page i select last 12 months… i do not see 12 months worth of transactions on the transactions tab?

It can only show what has pulled into your spreadsheet. If your feeds only pulled 90 days on sign up, that is all the Insights sheet will be able to display. (Am I misunderstanding the question?)

Kind of - so i just changed my insights custom date range to 2/1/20 - 4/1/20 ( because on the venmo site you can only see 90 days at a time ) - the data in insights is displaying none. The transaction sheet is still showing the original last 90 days. I want it to when i choose the date range on the insights page to show those transactions in the transactions sheet / tab - basically when you alter the date range in insights nothing changes - UNLESS the date range is in the last 90 days

how do i pull old data into the sheets?

I think I answered this question in your support thread, @gary0, but posting here for others benefit.

The Transaction Analyzer custom date range on the Insights sheet is ONLY for the Insights sheet and only affects what is displayed below that part of the spreadsheet. A custom date range there does not affect the date range displayed on the Transactions sheet.

If you want to see more than 90 days worth of data or more than what Tiller automatically pulled in your Transactions sheet you would need to manually add the historical data. You can use the steps in the guide below.

If you want to customize the visible list of transactions in the Transactions sheet, use a filter on the Transactions sheet directly.