Customize Account Types

Is there a way to customize the Type field for Accounts? It appears this data point is pulled directly from the various bank connections and when overridden in the Accounts sheet, the new value isn’t respected when rows are inserted into the Balance History sheet.

I realize that in the standard Accounts sheet, the Type field is actually pulling from Balance History, but I’m curious if there is anywhere to configure that value because the types are inconsistent / not what I want across institutions. Not a huge problem but figured I would ask if there was a native way to accomplish this before I go adding another custom field in a bunch of places. Thanks!

@miles.liscum, do you mean “class” (asset/liability) when you say Type?

Type, as referenced in Balance History (loan, credit card, checking), isn’t really used anywhere in any of our reports and it’s configurable on the Accounts sheet. So there isn’t a way to customize it except manually for each entry.