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Hi! I was wondering if anybody could help me with adding another categories column. I added a new category column to my transactions spreadsheet but when I sync my bank data the wrong input is put in that column. Instead, I would like to have two columns by which I can categorize my spending, just with different sets of categories. Is there anyway to leave this column blank so that when my bank data is loaded in I can categorize it in both category columns? Thank you so much, I really appreciate any help!

Hi @natashabrecht: Welcome to the Community!

I am assuming the default Category column is unchanged in your Transactions sheet and you’re adding a second column that draws from a new, custom list of categories you’ve created (from a new list other than your Categories sheet) to further refine the reporting of your data. Is that correct?

What data is appearing in your newly added category column when you sync with your bank and what have you named the newly added column for categories?

Side note…are you using Tags?

Hi @Brad.warren, thank you so much!

Yes that is correct, I added a second column that draws from a new, custom list of categories. I have named the new column ‘Emotion’. The data that is being added is a numeric value, I am assuming negative withdrawls from the account. Also, I am not using tags.

Do you have any suggestions as to how this column can replicate the other categories column in a way that leaves it blank so that I can use the categories to categorize the spending?

I really appreciate it!

Hi @natashabrecht,

Are you using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on for Google Sheets to fill your sheet or the Excel add-in?


Hi @Heather!

I am using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on for Google Sheets.

@natashabrecht the add-on should not be adding data to columns that it doesn’t recognize. A column with a header (row 1) called “Emotion” should not be auto populated by anything with a fill.

You can definitely add custom columns with data validation.

Sometimes the formatting of other columns might get adopted depending on where you add it in the list of columns.

Maybe try re-creating the column and try again?

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