Daily emails show old archived account balances

I recently upgraded from a Feedbot sheet to a Money Feeds sheet, and then to the new YSL data feeds. Now, while my daily emails do show new transactions each day, the balances that they list are old, matching the frozen values in my no-longer-updated Feedbot sheet. Is there anything I need to do to get the daily email balances to use the new feed? I did unlink the old sheet completely from Tiller, and tried unchecking and re-checking the daily email feature, but neither solved the problem.

I now realize that the new balances are there down at the bottom of the list in the email (I have a lot of accounts and don’t usually scroll all the way on my phone is my only excuse for not noticing before) and the issue is that the email is listing the archived account balances first.

So the question becomes how to remove the archived account balances from the email. They are listed as Archived Accounts in the console and are not checked for inclusion in my spreadsheet.