Daily Net Worth Tracking

I manually track daily net worth in my Tiller sheet. I use the data from the daily email. The data is also on the Balance History tab. How can I automate this task? I know about the Net Worth Tracker sheet but that is a separate sheet and it is only monthly. Currently, I have a sheet with each date on a row and each asset and liability balance in its own column.

I’m happy to share how I do this using Excel, as it took a long time for me to figure this out and I’m hoping it can save you some time! (it may be different if you’re using Google sheets). I have an account sheet that links to the “Balance History” tab. It requires you to set it up by first copying and pasting exact account names into the first column, but then pulls the balances in automatically all in by date (obviously it would require some extra setup to switch from monthly to daily updates). I’m attaching a link below so you can directly get the sheet and copy the formulas:

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I will take a look at. Thanks!

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I have it all incorporated into my Daily Net Worth tab and it works perfectly. I had to change some things around since I totaled rows while you totaled columns, I used daily while you used monthly, and I relearned how the $ works so I could extrapolate to multiple rows/days. Many thanks. Blake

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You’re very welcome-I’m glad it worked!

Thanks for sharing this @Kathryn! And welcome to you both to the Tiller Money Community!