Dark Mode for Tiller community

Any chance we can enable dark mode on this forum? It is amazingly bright.

Hi @richl,

I changed a setting to choose a “color scheme” for when the device has dark mode enabled. Did that work? I’m not totally sure how to make it work :slight_smile:

Yep for the most part it worked. It looks like top section has a white background but that’s ok. I’ll take the win

Thank you

I’d like to change that section too, @richl, but I’m having trouble reading the user setting from Discourse to make that CSS dark-mode-dependent. Maybe I will circle back to it in a week or two.

How exactly are you supposed to do this? Just started using tiller as well as Google sheets

Wow, just jumped into the forum and I’m in dark mode! Nice!

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Hi @MidnightPrzm, do you mean how do you use Tiller or how to get the forum to show up in Dark Mode?

Maybe I misread the topic. Were you guys referring to how to make google sheets in dark mode or just the forum? I enabled the automatic dark mode color scheme within the forum and it works but is there a way to do this within google sheets?

We are just talking about the forum, @MidnightPrzm.

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