Dashboard Account Refresh All

I am assuming that it is not just my dashboard which is missing the “refresh all accounts” button? It seemed to go away yesterday. One has to individually refresh each account now.

Are others seeing the same thing?

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yes, same thing here. I have to refresh each account manually

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I hope it is a temporary glitch since doing it that way is a PITA!


See Heather’s new article about these changes at https://help.tillerhq.com/en/articles/3799092-tiller-console-account-summary-updates-spring-2020

I just saw that. Will investment accounts refresh on their own every business day?

What a bummer…without being able to schedule the refresh for the morning or manual refresh the accounts, this is going to make it difficult to work with. Really need things updated first thing in the morning…


@coreywillwhat, thanks for this feedback. I’ll see if there is anything we can do to make it so the accounts refresh overnight, but I believe the schedule is set by our data provider/the banks.

@dminches, the refreshing every day is not specific to the account type, but rather the institution and the security settings you have turned on or they expect.

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@heather, Is there any way to make it so any user can hit the “refresh all accounts” once per 24 hour period and after that you can only refresh individual accounts? This way the traffic is limited but those of us who update in the morning will be able to do it quickly?


@dminches, there are a few issues with “refresh all” 1) it creates collisions and breaks the refreshes when customers try to then update the MFA/2FA information when other accounts are still in the refreshing state - we couldn’t train customers to NOT do this and kept getting people writing in that there was a problem 2) it’s calling the API to handle refreshes, which is a hybrid unsupported approach (in the eyes of our data provider) when we’re also using “Fastlink” (the page where you enter un/pw/security codes/answers) for refreshes and credential edits. This hybrid approach also results in unexpected refresh behavior.

So to truly use a supported implementation, we had to stick to only letting Fastlink handle the user initiated refreshes.

I’d recommend paying attention to the “last refresh” dates to see how often accounts refresh on their own and not assume that you have to manually refresh all your accounts. I understand the limitation when you want the data at a specific time of day, and I’ll check into that.

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It wouldn’t be so cumbersome if the page didn’t go to the fast link page for each account after hitting the blue refresh button. Either add the refresh all back in a way that works better or stay on the main account summary after hitting refresh for each account.

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@heather, This new process isn’t good. I waited 24 hours before looking to refresh. All my accounts show a blue refresh button but I now have to click on each one individually. So, not only is it a cumbersome manual process but the refresh is now sequential. Before this all the accounts would refresh simultaneously. This will take over 20 minutes to finish. You guys really need to fix this. Can’t you just make the “refresh all accounts” available only once every 20-24 hours? Or maybe 12 hours have to elapse before you can click it?


@dminches Agreed. This is not sustainable for me. I check my accounts every morning around the same time and I have never seen it auto-refreshed.


@mjgilly I’m with you. I’ve never seen them auto-refreshed. If I were to wait 36 hours and it did auto-refresh, that would mean the accounts are only up to date every other morning. This would mean my data is only accurate 50% of the time I look. As others have stated, manually refreshing each account now takes much more effort/time. The primary use of Tiller for me is to automatically update balances/transactions in my finance sheets so the value for the money just dropped 50%.

Edit: I truly love the product, it’s just disappointing to see features being lost/rolled back only 13 days after paying for a year.


Agreed, came here to post this suggestion. I understand why they did away with the feature but this is a practical solution.

I open up the console in two tabs and click one refresh, go to the other tab and click the next one, and back and forth until all accounts are done. It’s not as much fun as it sounds.

That is a good solution but it shouldn’t require so much work.

Thanks for the feedback here everyone! Upon review a more accurate window is about 36 hours. We’ll change the button color conditional to reflect that.

We cannot re-institute the refresh all button at this time under any circumstances - though these are great suggestions. We want to be compliant with what Yodlee expects to ensure that any unexpected behavior around refreshes are squarely their issue, not ours because we are doing it only in a supported way. Our previous implementation (for the last 5 years) has been in an unsupported “we’re a start up, let’s do it quick” way and it caused a lot of headache for many customers due to unexpected refresh behavior and created a lot of complexity for our team to manage on our side.

So far, results show this does not affect most. While it is unfortunate for those it does affect by slowing down their refreshes or requiring changes to their routines the end goal is to provide a better overall refresh experience for everyone in a way that is supported by our data provider, period. We believe these changes will do that, but we are only 2 days post release and still learning/observing so please just bare with us here.

The alternative supported way is something we had hoped to take on, but it is a costly, complicated, and time intensive effort and not something we could prioritize right now. (e.g. build our own account connection/MFA form into the Console - like the UX Personal Capital has - they also use Yodlee, but they have 850 employees, we have 11, and we’re not selling your data to pay the bills like they are).

I’d recommend adjusting your workflow to check in every other day vs every morning or shift to checking in during the evening if this seems to be a better time. It’s not that the accounts don’t refresh automatically, but it might be a longer window for some than others.

We are downright flattered that Tiller Money is a part of your morning routine, but if you don’t want the hassle of 20+ minutes to refresh all your accounts an every other day cadence may be more tenable or transitioning to institutions that have faster automated refreshes - generally smaller credit unions it seems - but we don’t have an official list.

I went to the hardware and grocery stores yesterday between 4 - 6PM and the transactions were already in my sheet this morning. I bank with Commonwealth One FCU a small Virginia credit union. Similarly my Self Help Credit Union accounts are fast and automatic. Chase has that 36 hour delay, but it’s automatic.

Patience in a virtue folks.


Heather, appreciate the thoughtful response and the trade-offs you and the team are weighing. I understand these things take time, and if useful I just wanted to volunteer that I’d willingly pay extra on top of the yearly sub to get this service.

I understand that building and operating it is going to cost you all extra money, so would just love for you to consider this for the future roadmap as a “pro” feature that you could upcharge people like me for. It’s important to me that Tiller exists and that it’s sustainable. I venture others here would agree and am open if you’re ever surveying or want other customer feedback on additional for pay pro tools.


I would do this as well. Getting daily feeds in a convenient way is very important to me.


Same here, I would go pro to have this functionality back.

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